How to Fix an Error Button in Wampserver

Failing to log in into your MySQL database will also prevent you to login into your WordPress Website, thereby making it difficult for you to customize your website, let alone hosting it.

In this post i will provide you with 2 easy steps to fix this error and continue with customizing your beautiful websites

You need to open your Task Manager by right clicking on your Windows Task bar and select Task Manager. A pop up window will open up, look for Services Tab on the Windows Task Bar Menu. ON the Services Tab look up for MySQL , right click on it and then stop the service from running.

When you have finally stopped the services go to the Wampserver Orange button and left click on it and then Restart all services. Once all the services have restarted you will see a green color. When you have seen the green color that is a sign of success. you can now log in into your MySQL database and WordPress website and enjoy building your website

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