Chittagong Tech Enterprises, believes that meaningful change bengins with leveraging off existing information. At CTE we are dedicated at providing spatial intelligence to create, visualise, analyse, present and act on information effectively.


Chittagong Tech Enterprises has a dedicated engineering department, committed on providing GIS & Remote Sensing services to the corporate, government agencies, private businesses and NGOs for sustainable development and management of resources in an economical way to our clients. 

Chittagong Tech Enterprises, undertands that Business expansion means leveraging off existing information. CTE provides clients with the spatial intelligence to create, visualise, analyse, present and act on information effectively. CTE, GIS & RS  team specialises in environmental, hydrological, agricultural, urban planning and engineering applications using state of the art GIS & remote sensing technologies. The company’s GIS expertise is integrated into all the services it offers with the aim of providing geospatial expertise to aid the decision-making process.



CTE is dedicated to provide its partners and clients with broad range of standard and user tailored products and
services. They include:

Data Acquisition

Using GPS handsets, UAV’s and other state of the art equipment we collect Geo-spatial data (e.g. satellite imagery, GPS coordinates, topographic data), which is used by our clients in resource allocation, urban planning e.t.c

Geo-Spatial Analysis

Our GIS & RS team specialises in spatial and environmental data analysis and statistics to improve predictions and identify clusters, hot spots or other important
areas. Our experts visually represents these spatial patterns using statistical graphics, custom maps and models.  GIS software tools to carry out spatial analysis, including spatial density calculations, spatial buffering and proximity analyses,
point pattern analyses, spatial pattern metrics, Euclidean and network distance analyses, travel time measurements, area and volume estimations,
amongst others.  

GIS Development & Modelling

We offer;  1. Land cover/land use mapping and change analyses, soil erosion modelling, air & water pollution.  2. Crop monitoring, crop acreages estimation, agrometeorological modelling, crop yield forecasting, subsidy control, precision farming. 3. Forest mapping & inventories, change detection, damage
analyses. 4. Watershed & Stream delineation

Consulting, Advising & Training

We offer training in GIS for begginers and advanced users. We focus on data acquisition, Satellite data processing & applications, GIS management. We provide these trainings to staff and individuals. 

Raster - Vector
Mgona Settlement Aerial ViewMGONA RISK MAP_001


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